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Cameo Collection #3 (DVD)

Cameo Collection #3Cameo Collection #3Cameo Collection #3
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Price: £8.50

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Cameo Collection 3

Starring Carly G, Wendy, Sarah Robinson, Lesley Saye, Lotte, Ben, Mike, Tom, Enzo, John, Phil, Rick, Robert

Excellent quality.

Scene 1: Riding Her Rump.
Out on her bike in the country, Carly stops for a pee. Three horny cyclists spot her, and escort her deeper into the woods. Worshipping their dicks with her mouth ensures a steady supply of hardness, enabling our star to live out one of her personal and favourite, anal sexual fantasies.

Scene 2: After Dinner Drinks.
Foxy and elegant, Wendy receives permission to suck off the waiter. Job done, she turns her attentions to her hubby and his guest. They slowly strip her of her black lingerie, lay her on the table, and give m’lady the classy banging she deserves.

Scene 3: Wet Wishes.
Sarah and Lesley enjoy a sensuous bath, cunt rubbing on cunt. In bed, their pussy passions are quickly aroused. The scent of soap, mixed with the heady smell of the natural musk from their juiced up slits, proves irresistible to their lavering tongues.

Scene 4: Beach Balling.
All of Carly’s scenes are the product of her own, fertile, erotic imaginings. Here, sun bathing in the dunes, she attracts the attention of three beach boys. Stripped of her red, satin panties, her heavenly body feels total joy as they have their sticky way with her.

Scene 5: Sink the Pink.
Bored by the boy’s game of snooker, Lotte goes fishing for balls and cues of the fleshy kind. Laid back on the expensive green baize, she melts to their tongues, and then explodes in passion as her lovers lay a lusty, clit bruising shag on her. Ends with a ‘hole in one’ that has to be seen to be believed.

duo, threes, three on ones, anal, double penetration, female piss, lesbian duo/vibrator/69er, shaved/hairy pussies, vaginal snooker ball, outdoor sex

Features include a 20 minute trailer of all 5 Cameo Collections

PAL. Digital Stereo Sound. No regional coding. DVD-ROM compatible.

Directed by Lynzy Day

Running time 1 hour 28 minutes

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You can see Carly G prostitute her talents in Filthy British Women DVD 14665

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